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Mon-Thur | 9am-3pmFridays | 9am-1pm

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Capelli Sports Center

2 Tetz Rd • Chester, NY

July 22-26July 29-Aug 2

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July 22-26July 29 - Aug 2

St Pats Gym

26 Hunter St • Highland Mills, NY

Aug 5-9Aug 12-16

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Aug 5-9Aug 12-16
Camp Details
  1. Fundamental Skill Development: Focus on ball handling, passing, shooting, footwork, and defense.
  2. Engaging Curriculum: Incorporating fun team drills, games for prizes, and self-reliant exercises for home practice.
  3. Mental and Emotional Growth: Emphasis on emotional control, goal setting, and absorbing life lessons through stories and metaphors.
  4. Experienced Coaching: Led by Coach Kieran Begley and a team of seasoned college players and coaches.
  5. Safety and Well-being: Dedicated to maintaining a safe, supportive, and healthy environment, ensuring peace of mind for parents and campers alike.
Facilities & Schedule
  1. Climate-Controlled Gyms: Our camps take place in two premier locations equipped with air conditioning for ultimate comfort—two weeks at St. Pats in Highland Mills and two weeks at the brand-new Capelli Sports Center in Chester, NY. Each venue ensures a pleasant and cool environment for all camp activities.
  2. Showcase Friday: Campers showcase their week's progress from 9 AM - 1 PM, with friends and family invited to watch the events from 11:30 AM - 1 PM.
  3. Inclusive Environment: Emphasizing the importance of good sportsmanship and effort, fostering a supportive and engaging community for all campers.
  4. Customized Challenges: Tailoring events to suit the diverse skill levels and ages of our campers, ensuring a personalized and rewarding experience.
  5. Comprehensive Schedule: A well-structured program running from Monday to Thursday, 9 AM - 3 PM, with a lunch break each day to refuel and relax. On Showcase Friday, a brief snack break is provided before the events begin at 11:30 AM, ensuring campers are energized and ready to perform.

About our Summer Camps...

Drive Sports Summer Camps in Orange County, NY offer an unparalleled experience for young athletes to hone their basketball skills in a supportive and challenging environment. Under the guidance of Coach Kieran Begley, with over 20 years of coaching experience, and a dedicated staff of former and current college players and coaches, our camps provide a comprehensive training program. We emphasize fundamental skill development—including ball handling, passing, shooting, footwork, and defense—in our safe, climate-controlled gyms, ensuring comfort away from the summer heat. Our curriculum also focuses on mental enhancement, emotional control, goal-setting strategies, and life lessons delivered through engaging stories, quotes, and metaphors. Campers enjoy a mix of individual and team drills, exciting games, and challenges for prizes, alongside self-reliant drills that athletes can continue at home. The week culminates in Showcase Friday, where athletes demonstrate their skills in various games and contests, with family invited to cheer them on.

Summer Camp Highlights

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