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Get all the necessary foundation drills such as ball-handling, passing, shooting, footwork, and more.

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The Drive Sports Mission

Drive Sports is an athletic performance and basketball training brand located in Orange County, NY. The programs, led by founder and owner Kieran Begley, provide a well-rounded system of development to youth athletes aged 5-18 in strength, balance and skillsets, both physically and mentally. We focus on mindfulness, purpose & attention to detail on the court and in life.

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Our brand of basketball is based on 50+ years of high level basketball playing, training, & coaching experience with 10+ years of experience at the D1 level.

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Private Training

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Drive Sports Training

Basketball Programs

Dive into the world of competitive basketball with Drive Sports Programs, offering comprehensive, personalized training, competitive AAU opportunities, and dynamic open group workouts tailored to transform you into a versatile player.

Drive Sports Training

Private & Small Group Training

We have a range of training strategies and techniques that include both on- and off-court development. All of our private trained athletes will be given FREE access to our private video/content library of self-directed workouts. This will allow them to continue to reinforce skills on their own to maximize their individual growth.

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AAU Tournament Team

Drive Swarm:Spring Season AAU

A full 360 degree developmental program that not only includes basketball lessons on the court, but more importantly, life lessons off the court. From mental strengthening, focus and breathing exercises to short- and long-term goal setting and self-sufficient basketball workouts, our players have opportunities to grow with and without us, in-season and in-between seasons.

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